Kim Collins “I’ve got to go home”

Sent packing over love, former 100-metre world champion Kim Collins.

In an era where athletes now get drunk, urinate in public and get snapped smoking “herbs”, it appears that some sporting officials play by an even tougher rule book when it comes to disciplining unlawful behaviour.  As we sat watching Saturday nights 100m heats, rumors became rife that one of the Olympics regulars, 36 year-old Kim Collins had been sent packing. But why I thought as I frantically searched online for answers, what could this former world record holder have possibly done to deserve such punishment?

Then came confirmation that Collins from had been dropped by St Kitts and Nevis for spending the night in a hotel with his wife. Not a prostitute, nor were there were any lines of cocaine or strippers trawled up in a secret hotel. Nope, this proud husband chose to spend a few precious hours with his soul mate and best friend.

And what a price he has now had to pay.

As lane four sat empty, the other runners lined up to chase their dreams while Collins took to venting on twitter:

“My fans. I won’t lie. I won’t be running later tonight” and later “‘Even men in prison get their wives to visit.’

Speaking to a BBC radio hours after, Collins was still bitter.

“I would have had better luck if I’d gone off with some chick and came back in time. They’re asking me to abandon my wife for my team, it’s not going to happen. This is how it ends; on a really sad note.”

‘I didn’t come to watch 100m final on TV. I’ve got to go home. I can’t walk around London as a tourist.’

“Meanwhile a statement for Collins’ Olympic committee said: “Mr Collins departure is down to his repeated absences from training sessions and also for refusing to respond to repeated phone calls and emails by team manager and coaches. Furthermore, Mr. Collins did not make an appearance for registration for his events at the Olympic Village as requested.”

Another cocky athlete to big for his boots? Or just a man wanting to leave the pressure of racing behind for a few hours to enjoy the company of his loved ones?

Or maybe is was his recent best time of 10.05 sec that wouldn’t have seen him into the 100m final that was perhaps playing on his mind, still, a disappointing way to go out in a sport he contributed so much to.

On a bright note he doesn’t have to wake up with a hangover or deal with a scorned wife.

Read his thoughts on the ongoing matter here


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